Invitation for LoC demonstrator

Pitch your all-plastic lab-on-a-chip device and receive chips for demonstration from the PolyNano Centre


  • Open for all interested parties (companies, universities, research centres, persons, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art capabilities within micro- and nano-scale channels and features
  • Scalable production method suitable for low-cost high volume fabrication
  • No transfer of IP required

The PolyNano event is an opportunity for everyone to submit their idea for the realization of an all-plastic lab-on-a-chip device which the PolyNano Centre can fabricate free of charge. The PolyNano Centre has in the past four years developed technologies to create all-plastic lab-on-a-chip systems by injection moulding with features from below 100 nm to several 100 micrometres, and with the PolyNano event we will like to demonstrate our capabilities. We refer to the Application Form, Selection Criteria, TimelineTechnical SpecificationsDesign Files (gds) and Q&A for more info.

PolyNano Centre has 20 partners and is centred around DTU Nanotech. Manufacturing partner for the devices is NIL Technology ApS (NILT).

Contact us here:
22 MAY 2024