What is the PolyNano Research Centre?

PolyNano is a Strategic Research Centre in precision and nano-scale polymer mass replication of biochips (www.polynano.org). PolyNano has 20 partners and is funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research. Since 2011, the centre has worked on the development of methods for fabrication of all-plastic, nano-scale lab-on-chip devices using injection moulding.    

How does the PolyNano Demonstrator Event work?

From October 15, 2015 to January 31, 2016, the PolyNano Centre invites participants to submit their ideas for all-plastic lab-on-chip devices that they would like to have made by the PolyNano Centre.

Submissions received on or before January 31 will be reviewed and evaluated by the PolyNano Demonstrator Event evaluation committee.

One of the ideas submitted will be selected by the committee, and the chip will be designed and manufactured in collaboration between the applicant and the PolyNano Centre partners. Design and manufacture will be free of charge.

How do I get more information on the PolyNano Demonstrator Event?

You may contact the PolyNano partner NIL Technology ApS (www.nilt.com, polynano@nilt.com).  

What are the key dates?

The Demonstrator Event opens for the submission of ideas 15 October 2015 and close 31 January 2016.

On 1 March 2016, one idea will be selected and the result will be announced.

From 1 March 2016 to 1 May 2016 the all-plastic chips will be designed in collaboration between the team behind selected idea and the PolyNano Centre.  When the design is finalized, the chips will be manufactured. Delivery of the chips is expected to take place no later than 1 October 2016.

Following receipt of the chips the submitter of the idea to the chip must test the chip and provide the PolyNano Centre with information on the tests and on the design and manufacturing process sufficient for an evaluation of the Demonstrator Event to be made by the PolyNano Centre in December 2016.

Why is the PolyNano Centre launching the Demonstrator Event?

We believe that the PolyNano Centre have developed unique competences within mass fabrication of all-plastic lab-on-chip devices with nanostructures, and we would like to see this technology make a difference in research project and products across many different types of applications. 

Our aim is to create awareness of our competences, to extend our network and to get new partners for future research project and to find future users of our technology.

Who can participate?

Any person, company or organisation from anywhere in the world can participate.

What types of applications is the PolyNano Demonstrator Event looking for?

All submissions will be evaluated but our main target is applications within biotechnology research such as sequencing of genomes, high throughput screening, point-of-care diagnostics, single cell manipulation and diagnostics, DNA analysis and cell-culturing and similar.

In general, we are looking for innovative ideas with a clear R&D goal.

What are the evaluation criteria?

We expect you to present a good idea, that you convince us that your all-plastic chip will make a difference in your research and that you have the competences and resources to demonstrate your idea using the chip.

The evaluation committee will among others look at:

  • The business potential of your innovation


  • The contribution your research has on public health, environment, and support to sustainable living


  • Convincing arguments that our all-plastic chips solve a problem that cannot be solved without the use of micro-nano technology


  • Your ability to exploit the use of the chips


  • The potential of your innovation to go to scale


  • Time to market/impact

It is, however, entirely up to the committee how it evaluates the ideas submitted, and by submitting an idea you agree that the decision of the committee will be final and cannot be disputed.

Why should I participate in the PolyNano Demonstrator Event?

If your submission is selected you will receive the all-plastic lab-on-chip devices free of charge to use for your R&D activities and you will have established valuable relations to the PolyNano Centre

What types of chips can the PolyNano Centre make?

We can make all-plastic lab-on-chip systems and micro array slides. The chips can have micro-nano channels, wells, pillars, or other micro- and nanostructures. The chips can have lids and inlets in form of Luer or no lid and no inlets.

For design rules and restrictions on the design see: www.polynano.org/demonstrator

How many chips will I receive?

You will receive a sufficient number of chips to demonstrate application.The exact number of chips delivered will depend on the complexity of the chips (size of structures, lid or no lid, number of features) and will be decided by the PolyNano Centre following consultation with you if your submission is selected..

Will it be possible to modify the design of my chip ?

Yes, your submission must contain a short description of what type of chip you will need for your research project. If your idea is selected, we will enter a design phase where the layout of your chip will be determined in a dialogue between you and the technology providers of the PolyNano Centre.

What happens after a chip design has been selected?

The evaluation committee will make a decision no later than 1 March 2016 and will inform all participants of the decision. If your chip idea is selected, the PolyNano Research Centre will contact you and start a dialogue with focus on how to manufacture the chip for you.

Do I have to sign anything if my idea is selected?.

You may have to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) for the protection of confidential information disclosed to you by PolyNano partners following selection of your idea. If you do not feel able to sign an NDA presented to you, you may refuse to do so, but by submitting your idea, you agree that in such case the selection of your idea will be revoked, and the committee may select another idea for design and prototyping. 

What can I do with the chips I receive if my idea is selected?

After you receive the chips, you can use them for your intended R&D development. The chips are yours to keep.  

What do we require, expect or hope from you?

Five things:

  1. We expect that you will actually make use of the all-plastic chips in your research


  2. We require some information from you for evaluation of the Demonstrator Event as stated in “What are the key dates ?”.


  3. If your idea is selected you will be publically announced as the “winner” of the event and you agree to participate in the dissemination of information on the event to a reasonable extent without any remuneration.


  4. We require that you must allow us to publish information on the PolyNano Demonstrator Event in a popular scientific format without revealing any confidential information on your idea and/or R&D work and other activities and we expect you to contribute with input to such publication. However, you only need to share the general idea of your research and how the chip can contribute to your research.


  5. We hope that you will publish scientific papers where the results generated by the chips are described if this is possible.

Is my IP safe If I submit an idea to the PolyNano Event?

The submission form is representative of the type of information we require for submission of ideas, which is only non-confidential or public domain material.

It is necessary for us and for the committee’s work to be able to share and disseminate this material and to participate in the event you must therefore agree to and sign the statement below. If your idea is selected a standard confidentiality agreement may be agreed for the protection of additional information provided by you for the design and manufacture of the chip.

I hereby agree and acknowledge that: (i) I am submitting to the POLYNANO DEMONSTRATOR EVENT only non-confidential and public domain materials; (ii) I am authorized to submit this material to the POLYNANO DEMONSTRATOR EVENT and that (iii) I retain full rights to any material and/or ideas submitted  and that (iv) material and/or ideas submitted do not infringe upon the IPR of any other person or entity and that (v) I will indemnify and hold harmless all POLYNANO DEMONSTRATOR EVENT participants, partners and organizers from any and all claims related to IPR infringement by the materials and/or ideas submitted by me and that (vi) I grant the POLYNANO DEMONSTRATOR EVENT participants, partners and organizers the right to share and distribute my submission materials for review purposes and for the marketing and promotion of POLYNANO DEMONSTRATOR EVENT.

Can the PolyNano Event result in the transfer of IPR?

No. – People, companies and institutions submitting ideas retain their IPR as does the PolyNano partners. No transfer of IPR whatsoever is intended to take place or shall take place within the framework of the PolyNano Event.

What are the expectations from the PolyNano Centre regarding publication and commitment?

See “What we expect from you?”. In addition the PolyNano Centre will provide a report on the event to Innovation Fund Denmark.

How do I participate?

By filling out the application form on the webpage here www.polynano.org/demonstrator and sending it to: polynano@nilt.com

Can I submit my application in other languages than English?

No. - Applications must be in English. Applications in other languages will NOT be considered.

What should I do if I have more than one idea?

You are welcome to submit more than one idea. Simply fill out individual forms for each idea you submit.

Are there any costs associated with the Demonstrator Event?

Participation in the event is free and if your idea is selected the PolyNano Centre will not charge you for its design and manufacture of your chip. Your costs will be solely the time used and costs incurred by you for participating in the event, and if selected for your work in relation to the design and manufacture of the chip.   

Does the PolyNano Centre profit financially from the ideas submitted or the idea selected?

No. – You keep any and all Intellectual Property Rights to your ideas. The PolyNano Centre does NOT profit from the Demonstrator Event.

Does participation in the PolyNano Event create a contract on the design and manufacture of a chip?

No. – The PolyNano event is solely an opportunity for participants to possibly have an idea for a chip realized in practise. Neither the PolyNano Centre or its partners guarantee’s other than that a reasonable effort will be made to realize the a chip according to the idea submitted and does not provide any warranties whatsoever as to the result of this effort including any warranties as to the properties or suitability for any purpose of the chip if delivered.

Is the PolyNano Centre and/or the partners in the PolyNano Centre liable if something goes wrong?

No. – By submitting an idea to the PolyNano Demonstrator Event you agree to comply with any and all terms and coditions stated in this Q&A and you agree that PolyNano Centre and the members of the PolyNano Centre shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage related to your participation in the event except if liability for such loss or damage cannot legally be declined.

What happens in a case of dispute?

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the PolyNano Demonstrator Event must be settled according to the substantive rules of Danish law (excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods) by the ordinary courts of Denmark, the Copenhagen City Court being the proper venue.


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