Selection Criteria

Basically, any application is of interest. The main target is applications within biotechnology research such as sequencing of genomes, high throughput screening, point-of-care diagnostics, single cell manipulation and diagnostics, DNA analysis and cell-culturing to mention a few. Other applications are also highly appreciated.

Overall, submissions will be judged within the following overall criteria:

  • The business potential of your innovation
  • The contribution your research has on public health, environment, and support to sustainable living
  • Convincing arguments that our all-plastic chips solve a problem that cannot be solved without the use of micro-nano technology
  • Your ability to generate results with the chip
  • The potential of your innovation to go to scale
  • Time to market/impact

The most important criteria is that you can motivate that an all-plastic chip with micro- and nanostructures can make a significant contribution to your R&D work.


13 JUNE 2024