PolyNano basics

The centre will develop the production technology through cases, responding to specific needs from both categories of end-users, academia as well as industry, and educate a qualified work force to implement the technology. The fabrication platform will be developed in close collaboration with leading microfabrication technology companies that will provide further exploitation of the results through the establishment of an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) service. 

Competences that are not available in Denmark will be included through committing collaboration with German, Chinese, Canadian and US partners. Hence, the PolyNano centre will strengthen Danish research and industry with crucial innovative solutions and provide a competitive advantage for future developments of advanced polymer biotech products.

The PolyNano project is organized in a technology developing kernel with direct link to 6 biotechnology task, to develop and explore the potential of LoC technology in a push-pull mode between development of precision polymer mass fabrication and user/market need defined by cutting edge biotech research. The project is open to approach new opportunities being new innovation initiatives, stakeholders (public, private, academic and commercial), and forms a strong basis for the partners to enter future R&D consortia and networks, national as well as international.

The PolyNano Kernel will undertake the development of production-ready fabrication technology, based on injection molding and nanoimprinting, for LoC devices. The Kernel will develop a library of tools and processes to meet the needs of 6 biotech tasks. Each of the biotech tasks has participation of one or more end-users – representing industry or cutting edge biotech research groups. The biotech research will focus on applications in need of LoC technology.

13 JUNE 2024