The strategic research centre PolyNano aims at becoming the Danish competence centre for production-ready fabrication of polymer, nano-scale lab-on-a-chip (LoC) devices. PolyNano will provide a competitive edge for Danish biotech companies launching LoC products, by removal of the technology barrier between lab-scale proof-of-principle and high-volume low-cost production of LoCs, and further enable new research by easy access to LoC technology.

The centre will exploit a unique combination of 

  1. technologies for polymer nanofabrication being micro-injection molding and nano imprint lithography
  2. cutting edge biotech research within polymer single use LoCs for next generation sequencing of genomes, high throughput screening, point of care diagnostics, and cell-culturing
  3. innovation and new product development from Danish biotech SMEs with large growth potential. 

The project is funded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research for a period of 6 years from 2011-2016

The Danish Council for Strategic Research 

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22 MAY 2024