Aim of the project

The overall objective of the project is to remove the technology barrier between lab-scale proof-of-principle and high-volume low-cost production of LoCs.

The scientific objectives are: 

  1. To explore and exploit the potential of combining the two cutting edge and scalable polymer replication techniques, namely micro-injection molding and nano imprint lithography.
  2. To develop LoC technologies for next generation sequencing of genomes, high throughput screening, point of care diagnostics, and cell-culturing, through case studies defined by end-users in an interdisciplinary research effort combining bio-technology with scalable polymer replication techniques.
  3. To enable new academic and industrial biotechnology research through easy access to LoC technology. 

In relation to societal and commercial aspects, the objective is to improve the competitive strength of Danish industry in the development of innovative single use polymer devices targeting the life science product market and the creation of new knowledge based jobs in Denmark within the bio-nano sector.

Moreover, the educational objective is to train researchers, who have in-depth training in one scientific discipline, to tackle the challenge of communication between different disciplines and become experts in true cross-disciplinary research which is instrumental to implement the PolyNano technology.
22 MAY 2024